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Greylag Hammer Call
1. Greylag Hammer Call



Easy to blow, clear vibrant sound, easy to roll over the notes. Polycarbonate call does not change its tone when wet or damp.

This is probarbly the best greylag call on the market.

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Haydels DR-85 Double Reed Mallard

Haydels #1 Seller features a fully adjustable floating wedge to allow personal tuning. Covering the full chromatic scale.

This is call is very easy to blow and can take allot of abuse without sticking or stalling

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Dave Jackson - Greylag Goose Call

Dave Jackson - Greylag Goose Call Specially made for the UK market. The call is made to produce the higher pitch sound of the Greylag goose. These calls are no longer made, additional stock will not be coming in once all sold.

Single lanyard
4. Single lanyard



SINGLE call Camo Lanyard
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Big Water
5. Big Water



Buck's easy to blow single reed Big Water with its crisp high ball will yell out, "Breakfast is ON", and is specifically designed for use in wide open areas such as marshes and reservoirs

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Plaited leather lanyard (for dog whistles)

Leather plaited single end lanyard for dog whistles
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Whistling Wings Shop | NEW PRODUCTS |  BEST SELLERS