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Double Nasty III
1. Double Nasty III




Extra raspy, ducky sound
Easy to operate
Reeds won't stick

Why just get nasty, when you can get double nasty to the third power?!?! The Buck Gardner Double Nasty 3 is extra raspy, purely ducky and features the range of a single reed call. Utilizing SBT (Short Barrel Technology), the Double Nasty 3 is easy to operate and won't run you out of air. This also gives you more control and better calls. Spit-Tech Technology ensures that your reeds won't stick, ensuring that you can get after them in the coldest of weather. The Double Nasty 3 is a versatile call that can produce simple hen quacks all the way up to a "hail" call. Made in America! Click for more detail...

Haydels DR-85 Double Reed Mallard

Haydels #1 Seller features a fully adjustable floating wedge to allow personal tuning. Covering the full chromatic scale.

This is call is very easy to blow and can take allot of abuse without sticking or stalling

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Three call lanyard
3. Three call lanyard



TRIPPLE Call Camo Lanyard
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Primos Power Crow call
4. Primos Power Crow call



Loudest crow call available. Use with our crow and rook decoys for better effect.
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Les Appeaux Wigeon Call
5. Les Appeaux Wigeon Call



Acme type call mounted in wooden mouth piece. Great sound easy to hold and blow.

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Dave Jackson - Canada Goose Call

The conventional style goose call has a longer bell and a larger tonal bell hole which produces a low Canada goose sound

These calls are no longer made, additional stock will not be coming in once all sold

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Whistling Wings Shop | NEW PRODUCTS |  BEST SELLERS