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Greylag Hammer Call
1. Greylag Hammer Call



Easy to blow, clear vibrant sound, easy to roll over the notes. Polycarbonate call does not change its tone when wet or damp.

This is probarbly the best greylag call on the market.

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Double Nasty III
2. Double Nasty III




Extra raspy, ducky sound
Easy to operate
Reeds won't stick

Why just get nasty, when you can get double nasty to the third power?!?! The Buck Gardner Double Nasty 3 is extra raspy, purely ducky and features the range of a single reed call. Utilizing SBT (Short Barrel Technology), the Double Nasty 3 is easy to operate and won't run you out of air. This also gives you more control and better calls. Spit-Tech Technology ensures that your reeds won't stick, ensuring that you can get after them in the coldest of weather. The Double Nasty 3 is a versatile call that can produce simple hen quacks all the way up to a "hail" call. Made in America! Click for more detail...

Teal Call
3. Teal Call



Teal are known for their high speed and erratic twists and turns as they fly low over a decoy spread. They are favorites with hunters because of the challenge they present.

After the teal buzz your decoys that first time, count on BUCK GARDNER’S TEAL CALL to get their attention and then bring ‘em back!

- Imitate the shrill, sharp quacks of the Teal Hen
- Tuned by our Pro Staff Tuners
- Spit Tech: Blows wet

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Haydels DR-85 Double Reed Mallard

Haydels #1 Seller features a fully adjustable floating wedge to allow personal tuning. Covering the full chromatic scale.

This is call is very easy to blow and can take allot of abuse without sticking or stalling

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Buck Gardner Quack Quack Pack
5. Buck Gardner Quack Quack Pack



These calls have been tuned and tested by Buck Gardners "Pro Staff Tuners" to deliver a "pure duck sound", right out of the package. They are made of tough, bullet-proof polycarbonate, and have reeds specially fitted to the tone board. The duck calls are easy to blow and provide a range of call tones.

Pack contains one Double Nasty II and one Mallard Magic Double reed Duck Call

If bought seperately = £35.70
As a pack Click for more detail...

Single lanyard
6. Single lanyard



SINGLE call Camo Lanyard
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Whistling Wings Shop | NEW PRODUCTS |  BEST SELLERS